Tips for an organic, stunning lawn!

Spring and summer are the seasons for all of the fun activities in your bare feet. BBQ’s, family football games, poolside/lakeside fun, etc. are all more enjoyable on that thick, green lawn! There are certain things to take into account, though, when it comes to maintaining that living carpeting. Water usage, mowing frequency, what fertilizers and pesticides are effective, are all factors in your lawns health. Here at Organiscapes, we want to educate you on the health of your lawn, and guide you down the right path to easier maintenance and clear conscious fertilizing decisions.

   By now, everyone has heard of the term “organic”, but what does it really mean and how can you effectively use organics to achieve that lawn that makes all of your neighbors jealous? It’s simple! Feed the soil and your lawn will grow itself! Chemical fertilizers have been in use since the beginning of the 20th century with the invention of the German made Haber method, which extracts nitrates from the atmosphere. Since then, synthetic salt based nitrogen fertilizers have been used in mass scale. The problem with these is they kill a lot of the beneficial micro organisms in the soil and don’t provide future growth and food to keep your soil healthy. Organiscapes uses all natural, chemical free fertilizers that give all the nutrients your lawn needs without burning or harming your lawn! The benefit of these organic fertilizers is that they give long lasting food for your lawn, inoculate your soil with billions of beneficial bacteria and fungus, and you can use them all throughout the year, even in the heat of the summer without burning your lawn, like synthetic fertilizers tend to do. A regular feeding of organic fertilizers and compost will keep your lawn healthy, vibrant, and reduce the need of regular, heavy waterings. Stay tuned for the next blog post about your lawn and water usage!

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